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This part here is brand new and under development, so some sections may be deactivated or have no content at all at the precise time you visit me (thank you for the visit, by the way).

For the moment what you can find is some sections with a copy/paste of my formal CV. I intend to transform it in a sort of “tell the story” section with a blend of projects that I feel proud of, and other that have served me to “grow up, woman!”.

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Show time!



COVID – Observatory. Fiscal Policy in EZ. Pubished work and contributionsutions.


About my very personal way of teaching and contributions in teaching innovation research.



Research transfer to market. Also, pre-scholar life as product and service manager.

"The matrix"


From data hell to data heaven: experiences behind my strong DataScience skill set.

Machine Learning Models


Those are clinic research both primary care and specilized services such as emergency care.



Most recent projects related to the deployment of machine learning models.

All images are mine, except The Matrix, of course. The first two (left to right if you are in wide-shape view) are from Valencia “home sweet home”. There you have some of my reasearch team mates of the MIEM and ECONVISI, the second are some of my students at EDEM Business School. The third picture is taken during a boat tour around Manhattan in New York. Then “The Matrix” (loved it). Last two are one from Paracas natural park in Perú and the last one is taken during the International Expo in Zaragoza (Spain).

Let’s make the world a better place.