Racing with my students: a race chart to visualize progress

When I began teaching at EDEM business school, I started a very risky project. I wanted to deploy a complex methodology, where being passive in class would not be an option. See, I understand time in life is extremely valuable, so each minute in class must count. Therefore I seek a method that minimizes time … Continue reading Racing with my students: a race chart to visualize progress

The Eurostat’s Bulk Download Facility

In this post there is a brief introduction to a continuous integration (CI) approach for data ingestion using Eurostat as data source for Data Scientists.

In my humble opinion Data Scientists making efforts to device projects with sort of CI and Deployment focus add extra value to the research phase of a project. That is because I believe they provide work processes using methods to better coordinate with the implementation (deployment) phases.

Ya es un logro no lograrlo

Hace unos días, andaba buscando ejemplos de relaciones epistolares, en concreto esas relaciones entre personas de la academia que habían compartido sus avances, amistad y logros a finales del siglo XIX. Y me tropecé con algo insólito y que se conocía totalmente (la noticia es viejuna, yo me entero ahora) "El misterio de las 12.000 cartas perdidas de Ramón y Cajal".