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Belén García-Cárceles is currently a data scientist and project manager at Desemgalver, S.L. Activity that she combines with the development of her doctoral thesis on the sustainability of the health systems in the European Union, at the University of Alicante (supervised by Dr. Sanchís i Marco and Dr. Taltavull). In addition, she teaches in the Business Degree for entrepreneurs at the EDEM university center in Valencia (area of mathematics and quantitative methods), and in the Data Analytics master’s degree from the same center. Her research is part of the MIEM group of the University of Valencia, and she is co-founder of the stable network of teaching innovation IMEQ.

With regard to her academic career, it began with a degree in economics from the University of Valencia graduating in 2010. From the beginning she has been interested in subjects in the area of ​​quantitative methods. She completed her master’s studies in Biostatistics at the Faculty of Mathematics of the same university while working as a senior researcher in the Hispalink network, under the supervision of Dr. Bernardí Cabrer . As part of that team, she participates in knowledge-transfer contracts for an amount greater than 322,000 Euros. As of 2012, her interests changed from purely methodological issues (time series and prediction) to the socioeconomic area, specifically, the area of ​​public health. That same year, she enrolled as a member of the Spanish Association for Health Economics (AES) and the Spanish Society for Healthcare User ( SEAUS), and began to actively contribute to conferences in the area, focusing especially on modeling hospital demand.

She has collaborated with various research groups as biostatistics and econometrics (FISABIO, Hospital de la Ribera, Hospital General de Valencia, Hospital Pesset). She has made numerous contributions to national and international conferences, highlighting her intervention as guest speaker at the DG Reform of the European Commission (Brussels, Belgium), where she was a national expert in training in 2020 and at the RCC of Harvard University (Boston, USA), where she was guest scholar in 2017. Her Publications include book chapters and peer-reviewed articles in national and international journals both in the field of economics and teaching innovation. She has recently been (2020) visiting scholar at KU Leuven.

Besides her academic career, she has ten years of professional experience in private companies as a product manager (product positioning, strategic planning of services and internationalization). Her concern led her to co-found her own business project: La Oreja Digital, a site on music technology, that had the endorsement and support of the Barcelona Activa program for entrepreneurs. She combining such activity with her studies in Business Administration at Pompeu Fabra University, where she collaborated with Dra. Alemany’s research project. In 2004, she finished these studies, and decided to move to the province of Valencia, where she currently resides.

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